Real Estate Investing Advice

Jason Hartman is not only a real estate investor but someone who has coached thousands on real estate investing, in addition to managing and growing their wealth.

This collection of quotes is meant to inspire you with best practices and wisdom based on his own personal experiences.

Jason urges would-be investors to never leave their financial future in the hands of incompetent, unethical or greedy brokerage houses, fund managers or corporations.

He is known for the statement, “Always be a direct investor.”

He has seen too many unethical activities in his long career, so take it from him and maintain an active participation in your own investments.


Jason Hartman is the CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network, the Hartman Media Company and The Jason Hartman Foundation. His creativity and hard work enabled him to join the cork-one percent of realtors in the U.S and in quick succession earned him several prestigious awards in the real estate industry that made him become a young multi-millionaire. Jason apart from his entrepreneurial skills, has invested his talents to be a public speaker, author and media personality. “Creating Wealth podcast is a well sought for podcast created by Hartman himself, which inspires and empowers hundreds to thousands of people in 164 countries worldwide.

His successful real estate and media business, has not turned Jason into a proud and stingy man. Jason has also invested his precious time into giving back to the community as it plays a role in building strong personal relationships.

Jason Hartman’s podcast

Jason Hartman’s podcast talks of educational events, referrals, mentoring and software that you can use to track your investment. He gives insightful tips on how to make investors locate you easily, and exceptional markets that you can purchase and finance your properties. In his website there are financial counsellors who will provide you with free portfolio makeover and direct you wherever necessary.

Jason Hartman Foundation

In 2005, he established the Jason Hartman Foundation that provides financial literacy education for the young adults. As we are trapped in a globe that’s undergoing monetary crisis caused by our fore-leaders misguided policies, this foundation provides real world skills that are not taught in our schools. Among the skills learnt in this foundation are-; financial dependence, self-reliance and economic literacy.

Jason Hartman’s Show

The JetSetter show is a show by Jason Hartman created to give people the best travel advice. Jason Hartman finds the best and most experienced travel experts to give you an insight on the best way to travel. From this show you can be sure to know the why’s, when’s, how’s and where’s of travelling.

Jason Hartman Hosting The Speed Of Money

Jason Hartman is the author and the host of The Speed Money on KABC and Million Dollar Circle Platinum Award Winner. Hartman has been involved in several thousand of real estate transactions and owns property in eleven states and seventeen cities. Platinum Properties Investor Network, Inc. is among his companies that helps people achieve the American dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide. Jason’s Complete Solution for real investors is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs.

Jason Hartman’s Real Estate Alternative Investment Company

Open Door Auctions is a real estate alternative investments company founded by Jason Hartman. Open Door Auctions offers home owners and prospective home buyers a speedy process with less hustle that promises you a new home for prospective home buyers in an average of six weeks, aligned with the Platinum properties investment network and Platinum properties investors’ network. With thousands of customer testimonials at the Open Door Auctions website you will understand why property auctioning is the best investment option and the reason why Open Door Auctions is the best at the business.